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By operating our own fleet of trucks we can reduce freight costs and shipping errors. Utilizing our fleet allows you to take advantage of multiple discounts while also giving you much more flexibility in receiving and delivering your freight.

Advantages to utilizing our fleet include:

Ship with us – We are a fully licensed and insured carrier. We know your business and we understand what it takes to safely deliver your freight. Utilizing the latest equipment specialized for the food and beverage industry, plus knowledgeable and skilled drivers, we can help take the headache out of shipping. Contact us for a free quote and compare our rates.

Break-Bulk & Less than truckload (LTL) deliveries – We offer a flexible solution for businesses that don’t have the space to handle a full truckload of freight, or are in locations where receiving deliveries by a semi-truck just isn’t possible. Our flexible delivery services can help save thousands on your supplies. We can purchase directly from the manufacturer by the full truckload, store your excess freight at one of our warehouses, and set up a custom payment plan to work on your schedule. We can then deliver smaller quantities to you whenever you need it.

Custom freight unloading services – Unless your business has a loading dock and a forklift, it can sometimes be challenging and time consuming to unload freight, especially by the full tractor-trailer load. We can discuss your individual needs and come up with an economical and efficient way to unload your freight.

Convenient dunnage returns – Easily return your used dunnage at the time of your delivery by simply returning it on our trucks. This will instantly free up space in your facility, and in some cases, can help you reduce costly dunnage deposits.

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