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12 oz. (355 ml) Champ Amber Glass Beer Bottle, Pry-Off, Bottles Only

Part #: A8 | OI12OZAMPCHAMP-BHH-GB501819
Quantity Price
1 - 87,999 $0.267
88,000+ $0.215

Packaging Details

Bottles only (bulk packed) – 2200 Bottles per pallet.

*Caps and closures sold separately. Scroll down below to view recommended caps.

Quantity is per bottle. Sold in increments of 2200. For samples please contact us.


Our 12 oz. Champ bottles feature a unique champagne style neck that distinguishes itself from other bottles and is an excellent packaging choice for premium beverages commanding higher price points. Popular for bottling specialty beers or for breweries looking to create brand recognition, this is great alternative to standard 12 oz. longnecks. Packaged in bulk with 2200 bottles divided between 5 layers stacked on each pallet. Each layer is divided by heavy duty cardboard and secured with a hardwood top frame. We also use additional supports that are put in place to protect the glass when shipping to avoid any damage. Our 12 oz. Champ bottles are compatible with standard 26mm crown cap pry-off closures (sold separately). For larger quantities please contact us for a personalized quote.



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