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Black Beer Bottle Caps, Oxygen Scavenger, 26 mm Pry-Off Crown, 10,000/Case

Quantity Price
1 $240.000
2+ $230.000

Packaging Details

10,000 bottle caps per case.

Quantity is per case of 10,000 caps. For samples please contact us.


Oxygen Scavenger Crowns are manufactured for pry-off bottling. These crowns have a special liner that absorbs the oxygen remaining in the bottle neck, decreasing the beer or beverage oxidation. Oxygen scavenger liners provide extra freshness, better taste and extended shelf life. That’s why they are strongly preferred by premium beer brands and craft breweries. Sold in cases of 10,000 crowns.

For custom printed crowns please contact us, we will be happy to assist you with your custom project.



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